Monday, November 9, 2015

Estate Map & Estate Planning for Digital Assets

We have partnered with Estate Map to provide a new service for clients to keep all of their records electronically, detailing their assets, passwords, funeral plans, etc. to pass on if they become incapacitated or if and when they pass away.

Our partnership with Estate Map provides a 20% discount to clients for their first year (making the initial cost $76 instead of $95, and then the $24/year cost applies.  Enter Referral Code: wenzellaw

Also, if you choose to use Estate Map, link us in as your legal advisor, and we can upload your documents, and you can share your information with us if you wish.

There are also many other sites that provide services related to digital assets after your death.  Here are some articles, especially mentioning Facebook accounts.


List of services:

Here is some information about Estate Map.

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