Monday, October 29, 2012

Staff Changes

In October 2012, Tricia Ponder moved from the real estate department to the estates department.  She will be learning estates and assisting Sarah and Laura.  Do not be surprised if she calls updating clients on the status of an estate or asking for information needed to serve you!

On the real estate side, the office has been very busy with closings this fall.  Hopefully it means that the economy is starting to turn around!  Pam Rogers is still our lead full time closing paralegal.  Linda Correal is still with us part time, assisting with closings, and helping with title work and post closing documentation.  Pam Starnes has recently joined us, working three days a week.  So, we are working hard to serve our clients with the increase in closings!

Of course, Tiffany is still the first person most people see or talk to when calling the office!

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